How To Make A Great First Impression On Instagram

Having an awesome Instagram seriously sets you apart from the crowd.  It what separates the children from the adults. The newbies from the pros. The winners from the.... well you get the point. Establishing a great bio for your Instagram will create a lasting impressions on a clients mind - make sure that lasting impression is a good one.  So what elements set you apart from the crowd? I'm glad you asked.


Your profile picture is the very first thing people see. As a business you have to represent your brand and be mindful of the picture you choose. If your brand is known for your logo, then use your logo. If your brand is you, then make sure you have a professional picture of yourself. 

Instagram actually crops your profile photo into a circle (110 pixels in diameter) when you upload it to the app.

You don't have to create the circle image yourself. However, since you'll have to crop your photo into a circle in the app, then ideally you'll want to upload a square photo with your logo in the center, placed so that the corners of the photo can be cut off without a problem.


Your Instagram bio is an introduction - a foot in the door so your potential clients can evaluate you and decide if you're worth their time. You are only allowed 150 characters on your Instagram bio. That means you have to make every single word count. Although there is not a one size fits all formula to crafting the perfect Instagram bio, here are some elements that NEED to be included

    You should also keep in mind the main goal of your profile on each social network, and adjust the tone of your bio to match the content. For example, a LinkedIn profile may benefit from a more serious tone than your Instagram bio. You want them to read and say, ‘heck yes, that’s the kind of business I like.. FOLLOWING’! On Instagram you don’t have to be all business all day, add a little personality to it., add a bit of your brands quirky traits

    Here's your chance to tell people what your business is all about. 

    In marketing the "What is in it me?" component is known as a value proposition. It tells followers what they can expect from you and why they should follow you.

  • LINK
    EVERY great bio has a link to their website or a call to action where people who click on the link are given content, a discount, etc. This link should be trackable and should be changed out regularly! A great tool I use that will help you keep track of who/what/when/frequency of link clicked is

    As you've already know, "pictures says 1,000 words." Since you're not allowed to insert pictures inside your bio, use the next best thing... Emojis!


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Okay now that we talked about what components make a great bio, here are some words you need to avoid!

10 Overused Bio Words.jpg

I used to love the word Guru until it got so annoying because everyone was using it. It used to give you your bio a type of authority, however now it makes you look outdated.  Make sure you're staying up to date and taking out words that are over-used on Instagram. 


Think of your content as King and your style as Queen. One without the other does not work. Your content has to provide clients value and your style has to be eye catching. Instagram is where people go to see the most beautiful, eye capturing, inspiring pictures and video. As a business that means you have to give the people what they came for.  

It's important to know what kind of content does well on Instagram. I've done some researched and hav found that the most liked content on Instagram for businesses are:

1. Quotes/Inspirational Graphics

They’re simple, easily digested, catchy and applicable. If you’re looking for a good way to quickly convey bite-sized pieces of information, this might be a good type of post to look into. This is great for conveying business tips, life hacks, quotes that relate to your brand. Keep your message short but most importantly relatable, and the likes will come pouring in. An awesome example is my Instagram page Empowering Women Now, where I was able to grow my following to over 56,000 follower in one year. Fitness and entrepreneurial Instagram accounts tend to favor these types of photos as well, spanning a wide variety of demographics – displaying it’s versatility.

My favorite free apps to add quotes with - Word Swag - Canva - Adobe Spark

2. Organized Mess Instagram Photos

organized mess copy.png

These are photos that as the title suggest, an organized mess. Businesses use this technique to display their products in a very cool and non-salesy way. Jcrew and Old Navy kill it when it comes to these types of pictures. Check out their Instagram page for some serious inspiration.

Favorite apps to edit pictures with Afterlight - Facetune - VSCO - Snapseed - TouchRetouch - Aviary - LightRoom - Enlight - Over 

3.  Video

There are numerous ways to use videos to market your product or service, and not all of them are expensive or time consuming. In my Video Marketing Mini Course I will teach you the top 5 ways for small businesses to use video marketing.

1. Product Demonstration
2. Company/Product Spotlights
3. Video Blogs
4. Interviews
5. Quick Tips Video

My personal favorite applications to edit videos are iMovie and PocketVideo.

That was a lot of information! If you want to know the exact steps I took to grow my Instagram account to over 56,000+ followers you'll want to check out my new course below!

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