10 Essential Marketing Tools For Businesses



Keeping up with you digital marketing can be really hard, especially if you do not have the right tools. I've used so many tools the past couple of years but continue to come back to these 10 essentials. 

1. Buffer - A tool for pre-scheduling social media updates. This is my favorite way to pre-schedule our Instagram posts.  The benefit of Buffer is its ability to let you connect multiple accounts to one dashboard; schedule posts; create drip campaigns; and analyze the success of your posts. Buffer’s free plan is perfect for new businesses looking to grow their social presence, but to unleash the full power of the software, you might want to consider one of their upgraded plans. I've decided to purchase the $10 monthly plan because it allows me to post on Instagram and Pintertest for multiple accounts. 

2. MailChimp- Every business needs to be growing their email list before focusing on social media. Mailchimp allows you to have 2,000 subscribers for FREE!  Mailchimp is a widely used and pretty powerful online application which enables businesses to build a mailing list and then send emails (and other communications) to selected groups of subscribers. This means you can use Mailchimp in your business to:

  • Automatically send out a series of welcome emails as soon as someone subscribes so they can get to know you before they even receive your first newsletter!
  • Drip a series of emails to a subset of subscribers, sharing information and/or a special offer about a topic of special interest to them.
  • Automatically send a greeting or perhaps a discount offer to customers to celebrate their birthday or the anniversary of your starting to work with them!
  • Deliver weekly materials and announcements to the members of your group program.
  • Just for starters!

5. Canva -  is a free, online photo editor and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use it. Most small businesses don't have a dedicated graphic designer, and constantly outsourcing design jobs can get costly. That is when Canva should come into play. No need to take a crash course in Photoshop to give your company the look you want. Did I mention it’s free!!

4. Wordswag - Wordswag is a fun app that allows you to upload a photo from your phone library and put text over it. You can also add your logo to the photo as well so no one copies and steals your content. I love that it also gives you quotes and designs to choose from if you are just stuck with what to post. Lots of fonts and styles to play around with. This is totally free as well.

5. Unsplash - Unsplash is a website where you can get free high-resolution photos to use in your social media marketing, blog posts, and social posts. All of the images are licensed under creative commons and there’s a very large selection. Almost all of the images I use on Kinder Media Co. and Empowering Women Now are from Unsplash.com. 

6. Flipagram- Videos on social media platforms are taking over and one of the most popular things right now. If you aren’t posting videos, start now. Flipagram gives you a ton of options to create videos from your photos and to add your favorite songs to your videos too. It’s all about being creative and fun and that’s why I love this app.

7. Imovie -  Another video app that is a must for us. This is what we use to crop our videos and to make multiple videos out of a longer video clip. We have tons of 10-20 minute videos and we use Imovie to create small clips that are easily enjoyed and popular on social media. Apple users can use this on your desktop or your phone.

8. Bitly - Ever post something to social media and then not know how many people even clicked. This free link shortening service will help you figure out what links people are really excited to read and you can track which days got the most clicks. This is especially useful to use for Twitter.

9. Google Analytics - Even more important than how many clicks it got is where people are coming from! Google Analytics is a major must because it will show you a lot of details about WHERE your top social media traffic is coming from. I get way more traffic from Pinterest than Instagram but I never would have known that if I wouldn’t have been paying attention to Google Analytics. That means I need to spend way more time creating Pinterest content than Instagram content to drive my sales and leads. See how crucial that is?

10. Shareaholic- This is a Wordpress plugin that gives you access to share icons so that when people land on your site and love what they read, they can find you on social media as well.